Tipler Founders’ Scholarship Award

George Tipler

George Tipler

In 2006-07 WSPRA instituted the George Tipler Founders’ Scholarship in honor of George Tipler, retired executive director of the Wisconsin Association of School Boards. The scholarship, a one-year membership to the National School Public Relations Association (NSPRA), recognizes Tipler’s contributions to the formation and growth of the Wisconsin School Public Relations Association.

Criteria for the scholarship are an individual who is currently a non-member of NSPRA, who has demonstrated a dedication to school public relations issues, and has exhibited a desire to grow professionally. The first recipient of the scholarship was selected by George Tipler.

George Tipler Nomination Form

Holtshopple Scholarship Award

Alan Holtshopple

Alan Holtshopple

To honor the memory of the late WSPRA board member, Alan Holtshopple, WSPRA offers a complimentary registration to WSPRA’s Annual Fall Conference in the form of the Holtshopple Scholarship.

Criteria for the scholarship are that the applicant must be a new WSPRA member within the last two years and that he/she is an individual who demonstrates community involvement. The board of directors reviews all applicants and selects the one best meeting the criteria. The scholarship is presented to the selected entrant at the fall conference.

Alan Holtshopple Scholarship Form

First-Timers’ Recognition

All first-time conference attendees receive a special gift from WSPRA at the annual fall conference.

Blue Ribbon/Distinguished Chapter Contributors

WSPRA honors those WSPRA members who contribute their talents to the organization and are reported as part of the Blue Ribbon/Distinguished Chapter application. These individuals are recognized at the President’s Luncheon of  WSPRA’s annual fall conference and receive a thank you gift from the Blue Ribbon/Distinguished Chapter coordinator.

Blue Ribbon/Distinguished Chapter Contributors’ Form

Spectrum Awards

For a quarter of a century, Wisconsin School Public Relations Association has conducted its annual Spectrum Awards competition. The Spectrum Awards program is a statewide program for Wisconsin public education professionals involved in the writing and design of print and electronic materials and development of special projects. Members are invited to showcase their achievements, be recognized for their creativity and efforts, and receive valuable feedback from professionals who judge the entries. WSPRA members are mailed the Spectrum Award Entry Form or the form is available on the Web site starting in August of every year.

Find out more about our Spectrum Awards.

Friend of WSPRA Award

In promoting and modeling the value of strong partnerships, the WSPRA board of directors recognizes that it must take positive steps to show leadership in this area. The purpose of the Friend of WSPRA award is to recognize the individuals or organizations that have worked with WSPRA throughout the year and who are critical to the success of the WSPRA organization.

WSPRA Membership Longevity Recognition

In 2006-07, WSPRA created a plaque to recognize districts that have maintained WSPRA membership for five years or more. The plaque is displayed at the WSPRA annual fall conference. Copies of the plaque recognition are provided to districts.

Honorary Lifetime Membership

As part of its membership structure, Wisconsin School Public Relations Association honors a retired member for his/her contributions to WSPRA, public relations, and education in general. Each year the board of directors select an individual(s) for this honor. The person receives a plaque at the annual fall conference and is honored by his/her peers. The individual’s subsequent chapter membership dues are paid by the chapter.

Past-President’s Award

Each year the WSPRA past-president selects one individual to honor. This individual is someone who has provided particular assistance to the president during his/her term of office. The individual is honored at the fall conference and receives a recognition gift.

Director’s Scholarship

WSPRA’s executive director selects an individual(s) to receive a year-long NSPRA membership in recognition of demonstrated skill in public relations issues and a desire to learn more about the field of school public relations. The selection process is made at the discretion of the executive director.